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Tasty support for vision health!

  • Enhances eye health and reduce eye fatigue
  • Maintains good day vision and promote better night vision
  • Helps prevent eye diseases such as cataracts and age macular degeneration
  • Best vision support with researched ingredients at established doses
  • Easy-to-take powder-form in tasty berry flavor
  • β-carotene 1mg, Anthocyanins 12mg, Lutein 6mg.
  • 10 sticks per box
  • Made in Korea (Avance®)
SKU: i-care.

Product Description


Overworking our eyes – Computer Vision Syndrome

With technology playing an integral role in our lives, we spend a good amount of time looking at the screens of our smartphones, computers and televisions.

Often we neglect to take appropriate breaks in between to rest and rejuvenate our eyes. This puts stress on our eyes and can result in Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Symptoms include eyestrain, burning and tired eyes, dry and irritated eyes, blurry or doubled vision and headaches.

Those that are more prone to developing CVS include working adults, children and preteens as they tend to overwork their eyes with heavy usage of various technological gadgets.

Age-related eye degeneration

Our eyes, just like other body organs, are susceptible to age-related eye diseases. The most common age related eye problems are macular degeneration and formation of cataracts. Both result in a gradual loss of vision and eventually lead to blindness.

Product Description

i-Care supports eye health – effectively cares for our vision

  Our eyes are extremely important in allowing us to function in our various daily activities, from reading to driving. A decrease in vision would hinder us from carrying out these activities normally.

To support our increased demands on our eyes and to slow down the onset of age related eye diseases, it is important to include an effective eye supplement like i-Care into our diets.

Formulated with 3 main active ingredients:

ß-Carotene helps improve night vision

  ß-Carotene is a main component of light-sensitive pigments, rhodopsins, in the retina. Rhodopsins help us see in limited light conditions, for example, during the night. Hence, sufficient levels of available ß-Carotene ensures an adequate formation of rhodopsins for improved night vision.

Lutein reduces cataract risk and retards macular degeneration

  Cataract formation is caused by the deposition of oxidised proteins onto the crystalline lenses in our eyes. Being an antioxidant, Lutein minimises the oxidation of such proteins and thus reduces the risk of cataract.

Lutein also helps to filter blue light that damages the retina and macula, which causes age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). ARMD results in loss of vision in the centre of the visual field. Left untreated, the area where sight is lost may enlarge, leading to eventual blindness. Regular consumption of lutein can help to retard this process.

Anthocyanins maintains collagen in the eyeballs

  Anthocyanins decrease the breakdown of collagen in the eyes. Collagen is a major component of the eyeball and the blood vessels that supply blood and nutrients to the eye tissues.

A constant supply of anthocyanins keeps them strengthened and they remain nicely elastic, so that their functions can be optimised for enhanced eye health.

In addition, anthocyanins also have an anti-oxidative effect, helping to improve night vision and preventing cataracts.

Easy to take tasty berry powder

  Formulated with a tasty berry flavour, i-Care comes in an easy-to-take fine powdered form. This makes i-Care an ideal eye support supplement for all ages young to old!

Active Ingredientsi-care

ß-carotene, Lutein (from standardized marigold extract), Anthocyanins (from standardized bilberry extract)


Directions & Enhanced Effects


Take 1 stick daily, with or without water.

For Enhanced Effects

For further support for vision health, take with Super EPA 2000 and Vitamin C or Natural Chewable Zinc.



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